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>     Boston University TransCultural Exchange's Conference on
> International Opportunities in the Arts: Engaging Minds  October 10–13,
> 2013
> *Opening:* October 10, 10am
> *Venue:
> **Boston University*
> George Sherman Union
> 775 Commonwealth Avenue
> Boston, MA 02115
> *TransCultural Exchange*
> 516 E. 2nd Street, Suite #30
> Boston, MA 02127 USA
> www.bu.edu/cfa<http://interspire.e-flux.com/link.php?M=339117&N=6868&L=13280&F=H>
> www.transculturalexchange.org<http://interspire.e-flux.com/link.php?M=339117&N=6868&L=13278&F=H>
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> Most professionals—from doctors to lawyers to teachers—have conferences to
> share information, network and learn of the latest trends. Oddly, few exist
> to address practicing artists' needs. And, still fewer do so on a global
> scale.
> TransCultural Exchange's<http://interspire.e-flux.com/link.php?M=339117&N=6868&L=13279&F=H> Conferences
> on International Opportunities in the Arts were created for this reason.
> Produced every other year, their main aim is to let artists know about the
> wealth of opportunities for them to participate, interact and work with
> international peers. These conferences bring together hundreds of artists
> with speakers from more than forty countries—curators, critics, gallery
> dealers and artist-in-residency directors. This year's activities range
> from a performance by Laurie Anderson, tours of MIT's Art and Architecture
> program, a session hosted by the International Art Critics Association
> (AICA), informal gatherings, and panel discussions to portfolio reviews.
> The conference schedule is available at www.transculturalexchange.org.
> <http://interspire.e-flux.com/link.php?M=339117&N=6868&L=13277&F=H>With Boston
> University<http://interspire.e-flux.com/link.php?M=339117&N=6868&L=13280&F=H>as this year's academic host, the bulk of the panels will take place at the
> school's George Sherman Union with other activities throughout Boston and
> Cambridge, including at MIT, Harvard University, the Boston Center for the
> Arts and Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. This year's theme, "Engaging
> Minds," is meant to encourage artists not only to attend programs where
> they can become acquainted with other cultures and meet/work with their
> international peers, but also to address many artists' growing desire to
> engage in other fields of study. Speakers, such as astronomer and Voyager
> team scientist Merav Opher, biomedical modeling inventor Crispin Weinberg,
> *New York Times* best-selling author Reif Larsen, cognitive interaction
> technologist Florian Grond and fashion designer Carla Fernandez have been
> invited to engage artists in their work—to inspire and serve as a catalysts
> for new avenues of artistic exploration and new points of intersection,
> where barriers dissolve and alternate forms of understanding evolve.
> The legendary pioneer in performance and electronic music Laurie Anderson
> will serve as the conference keynote speaker/performer. The winner of the
> 2010 German sound prize, Florian Dombois, will create a temporary public
> artwork for the occasion, which includes shooting a red laser through the
> Boston skyline; and a showcase of Taiwanese new media works will be on view
> in Boston University's 808 Gallery.
> Also among the many speakers are Jean-Baptiste Joly, founder and director
> of Germany's Akademie Schloss Solitude; Ariene Koek, director of
> Collide at CERN's artist-in-residency program; Laura Harrison, documentary
> film producer and president of the Bogliasco Foundation in Italy; Taylor
> Van Horne, founding director of Brazil's Instituto Sacatar; Andrei Siciodi,
> director of Austria's Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen; Margaret Shiu Tan,
> director of Taiwan's Bamboo Curtain residency; Raphael Cuir, the vice
> president of AICA; Michael Schwab, editor of the 'Journal for Artistic
> Research'; Gediminas and Nomeda Urbonas, Venice Biennale National Pavilion
> Prize winners (2007); Doris Sommer, founder of Harvard University's
> Cultural Agents; Marko Peljan, artist and coordinator of the Arctic
> Perspective Initiative; John Grande, co-curator with Peter Selz of
> 'Eco-Art' at Finland's Pori Art Museum; and Zhang Ga, Consulting Curator of
> Media Art at the National Art Museum of China and Senior Researcher at the
> Media + Design Lab of EPFL | Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
> Lausanne, among many others.
> *About TransCultural Exchange
> *TransCultural Exchange is a 501c3 non-profit organization, whose mission
> is to bridge cultural, geographic, political and linguistic divides by
> bringing people together through the arts in order to foster a greater
> understanding of world cultures.
> *Venue information:
> *Boston University's George Sherman Union (775 Commonwealth Avenue,
> Boston, MA 02115) with attendant activities at the Boston Center for the
> Arts, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Massachusetts Institute of
> Technology (MIT), Harvard University, French Cultural Center of Boston and
> the Boston Architectural College.
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Shigeyuki Kihara
Artist and Curator/Producer

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